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Italian wedding bands Melbourne

Wedding Bands Melbourne Showcase 07/11/19

Live Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Live Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Paris by Night are holding another showcase on Thursday 7th November so you can watch & hear the band in action prior to booking. Dates for 2019 & 2020 are filling very quickly, so don’t waste time when it comes to booking in your entertainment! We guarantee the very best in audio production, lighting, song choices and pure talent. Paris by Night have become the ‘go to’ band for many venues, corporate and wedding clients in Melbourne and beyond. Our service promise is to deliver the best wedding entertainment in Melbourne!

Visit for more details or simply call us on PH: 0433 379 510 for a chat.

Wedding Reception Band Melbourne

4 Reasons To Choose A Band For Your Wedding Reception

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is hard work. There are so many different details to consider, from the dress to the venue to the cake to the food… and, of course, the entertainment. It’s this area where many people become unstuck; should you go DJ, wedding band or a DIY-playlist that you play through a speaker.

To make this planning process easier for you, we have a few things to say about why choosing a band for your entertainment is always the best idea…

Bands always beat a playlist

Perhaps you’re tempted to save a few dollars of your wedding budget by forgoing a band and choosing your own tracks. After all, your favourite songs are on Spotify and it should only take you a few hours to make the best party playlist anyone has ever heard… right?

Here’s the thing; having a live band will always create a better atmosphere than a regular playlist. They can tailor their performance to your favourite songs and throw in a few that they know are crowd favourites as well. Not only will this mean less work for you in the lead up to your wedding day, but you won’t need to worry about your guests having a good time – with a band, it’s guaranteed that they will.

You won’t have to organise equipment

Hiring equipment like speakers and microphones can be extremely expensive and a nightmare to set up. No one wants to have their speakers malfunction right before all the guests arrive - but when you get a band to play, you can feel confident that you won’t run into these mishaps.

Most wedding bands bring with them all their own equipment. This makes it much easier for you to sit back and relax as the entertainment is taken care of from start to finish. Among the chaos of your wedding day, you will be glad that you chose this simple option.

It gets the party going

Most bands are made up of seasoned performers; people who are passionate about bringing music to celebrations and watching the crowd love every second of it.

This might not seem like an obvious reason to choose a band, but it is. Performers bring personality to the room, whether it’s through their voice, their dance-moves or their humour. They know how to get people out of their seats and enjoying themselves, which is what all bride-and-grooms-to-be want for their wedding day.

Ultimately, it will make your celebration more lively and memorable in a way that a playlist connected to your iPhone never could.

It adds a unique touch to your special day

All of these factors lead up to one thing; you want to look back on your wedding day and remember it as the magical, blissful time it was. When you remember something as special as your first dance or cutting the cake, it should be done to the soundtrack of gorgeous, perfectly timed music that you love.

These are all the things that make your big day truly your own. So whether you’re into country, pop, rock or classical music, find a band who can bring this part of your personality to your wedding – it won’t be a decision you’ll regret.

Booking A Wedding Band In Melbourne

When Should I Book My Wedding Band

Today’s blog is in response to a few questions we’re often asked about when clients should book their wedding bands. As anyone who is in the midst of planning their wedding knows, there are a hundred-and-one things to think about and organise: the venue, the service, the invites, the flowers, the photographer, the clothes, the speeches… and of course your wedding band.

The easy answer to the question ‘when should I book my wedding band?’ is of course: as soon as possible. Typically Paris by Night Entertainment is booked 6-12 months ahead of performance dates. This is especially the case for summer Saturdays. So, if you are getting married on a Saturday in December then ideally you should get in touch with us the summer before.


How far down the road do my plans have to be?

The only essential requirement is that you must know what date your wedding or event will be. As long as you know that, then you can make a simple deposit payment to secure book Paris by Night Entertainment as your wedding band for your big day. Once you have your venue booked, then we can fill in all the other details.

The post-Christmas rush

Whilst December is a busy month for Paris by Night Entertainment in terms of performing, it is January when we always receive a flood of enquiries from clients interested in booking Paris by Night Entertainment for their summer dates. Christmas is a busy time for most of us, so wedding plans often go on hold until the new year. With this in mind, if you get in touch with us before the Christmas period gets underway, you might just snap us up for your summer date before the rush.


What if I’ve left everything to the last minute?

There are many reasons why clients have to leave booking their wedding band in Melbourne until close to their wedding date: some weddings are spontaneous, some clients have to see through work commitments before they can be sure when they will be free, etc. If you are planning your wedding for just a few months in the future, as always, let us know as soon as you can. Although most summer Saturdays are booked a long way ahead of time, there is always a chance that we’ll still be available for your date, even with just a few months to go. As always, the sooner you get in touch, the better.


Weekday weddings

Saturdays are by far the most popular days for wedding bands in Melbourne, but Paris by Night Entertainment is also booked for many weekdays throughout the year, with Fridays being the next busiest day of the week. There is certainly a little less demand for weekday bookings but it’s impossible to predict when enquiries will come in. So, yet again, the advice is to try to contact us as soon as possible.

If you are planning your wedding and would like to book Paris by Night Entertainment as your wedding band in Melbourne, contact us now through the contact form, to receive your all-inclusive quote. For more information about booking Paris by Night Entertainment as your wedding band visit our How It Works page.