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Wedding Bands Melbourne Showcase 07/11/19

Live Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Live Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

Paris by Night are holding another showcase on Thursday 7th November so you can watch & hear the band in action prior to booking. Dates for 2019 & 2020 are filling very quickly, so don’t waste time when it comes to booking in your entertainment! We guarantee the very best in audio production, lighting, song choices and pure talent. Paris by Night have become the ‘go to’ band for many venues, corporate and wedding clients in Melbourne and beyond. Our service promise is to deliver the best wedding entertainment in Melbourne!

Visit for more details or simply call us on PH: 0433 379 510 for a chat.

Wedding Band Hire Melbourne

Why Hiring A Wedding Band In Melbourne Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Melbourne Wedding Bands

Melbourne Wedding Bands

Planning your live entertainment is an important part of your wedding day. It’s next on the list after you’ve chosen your venue, picked catering service and decided on your theme.

The formalities are over, you’ve had your ceremony, taken photographs and cut the cake. Now it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy your wedding celebration. What’s better than listening to great live music and having fun on the dance floor with your partner, family and friends?

From getting your guests involved, to creating an awesome atmosphere, hiring a wedding band in Melbourne will be one of the best choices you make. Here's a list of reasons why hiring a wedding band in Melbourne for your big day might just be the best thing you do.

Live wedding music is ultimately the best choice

There is absolutely no denying that live wedding music is so much better than hearing it from DJ speakers (even if the speakers are amazing). The sheer presence of a live band can instantly change the atmosphere of any venue or event.  It will enhance the party atmosphere and make your day a memorable one.

Live music is infectious and even if you’re not into the music, the beat will surely get you moving, if not at least get your feet tapping.

Whatever your tastes

The best thing about hiring a wedding band in Melbourne, is that there will definitely be the perfect wedding entertainment to suite your style. From a pop covers band to a jazz band, rock band, etc.

Crowd Pleasing

The best thing about live wedding bands in Melbourne, is their ability to engage with your guests and encourage them onto the dance floor. Whether it be dancing, singing or doing the conga, some of the top wedding bands can even get your grandparents up and dancing.

Most professional wedding bands in Melbourne have many years of experience and are able to read the crowd to get a feel of what your guests enjoy. They’ll know what to play and what not to play and can be as interactive as they feel necessary. If your close friends and relatives are quite rowdy, the band will surely play up to this and make them have an amazing night of enjoyable, interactive entertainment!

Nothing says romance more than being serenaded with a love song from a live a professional wedding band. Although this might not be everyone’s taste, there is something very romantic about live music, no matter what the genre. Given that it’s a wedding, there’s got to be some romance about, so why not make your day even more special with a live wedding band?

Your bridal waltz is the most important song played on your wedding day and also the first song you'll dance to as an official married couple. The band can learn your song and make it absolutely magical. There’s nothing better than dancing to your special song together, performed by a live wedding band, who will most likely sound just as good as the original artist!

A big bonus, is that if you are shy and don’t want all the attention, the band are up there with you. They can easily invite your guests onto the dance floor so you’re not there on your own with everyone watching.

Many couples are put off by wedding bands who have have a limited song list and believe they will only play what's in their repertoire. This is not always true however, as a professional band is always happy to learn extra songs, but would require some prior notice to have them ready for your day (it’s only fair). However if you hire a talented band, they will have the experience to take requests on the day. This will be even better and another reason to hire a professional live wedding band!

A day to remember…

Of course, there is no denying that your special day will remain in the memories of your friends and family for years to come, but including a wedding band at your reception will take it to a whole new level! Your guests will always remember good food and good entertainment. Hiring the best wedding band in Melbourne will guarantee a party night that will be remembered for many years! Trust us, it’s completely worth it!

Wedding Reception Band Melbourne

4 Reasons To Choose A Band For Your Wedding Reception

It’s no secret that planning a wedding is hard work. There are so many different details to consider, from the dress to the venue to the cake to the food… and, of course, the entertainment. It’s this area where many people become unstuck; should you go DJ, wedding band or a DIY-playlist that you play through a speaker.

To make this planning process easier for you, we have a few things to say about why choosing a band for your entertainment is always the best idea…

Bands always beat a playlist

Perhaps you’re tempted to save a few dollars of your wedding budget by forgoing a band and choosing your own tracks. After all, your favourite songs are on Spotify and it should only take you a few hours to make the best party playlist anyone has ever heard… right?

Here’s the thing; having a live band will always create a better atmosphere than a regular playlist. They can tailor their performance to your favourite songs and throw in a few that they know are crowd favourites as well. Not only will this mean less work for you in the lead up to your wedding day, but you won’t need to worry about your guests having a good time – with a band, it’s guaranteed that they will.

You won’t have to organise equipment

Hiring equipment like speakers and microphones can be extremely expensive and a nightmare to set up. No one wants to have their speakers malfunction right before all the guests arrive - but when you get a band to play, you can feel confident that you won’t run into these mishaps.

Most wedding bands bring with them all their own equipment. This makes it much easier for you to sit back and relax as the entertainment is taken care of from start to finish. Among the chaos of your wedding day, you will be glad that you chose this simple option.

It gets the party going

Most bands are made up of seasoned performers; people who are passionate about bringing music to celebrations and watching the crowd love every second of it.

This might not seem like an obvious reason to choose a band, but it is. Performers bring personality to the room, whether it’s through their voice, their dance-moves or their humour. They know how to get people out of their seats and enjoying themselves, which is what all bride-and-grooms-to-be want for their wedding day.

Ultimately, it will make your celebration more lively and memorable in a way that a playlist connected to your iPhone never could.

It adds a unique touch to your special day

All of these factors lead up to one thing; you want to look back on your wedding day and remember it as the magical, blissful time it was. When you remember something as special as your first dance or cutting the cake, it should be done to the soundtrack of gorgeous, perfectly timed music that you love.

These are all the things that make your big day truly your own. So whether you’re into country, pop, rock or classical music, find a band who can bring this part of your personality to your wedding – it won’t be a decision you’ll regret.